Galleries, comissions, projects and collaborations

– Artworks exhibition at Camden Town Market. The Stables. London. 2010

– Deco and building assistant at art fairs and festivals in Wales, England and Germany.  2010 -2012

– Exhibition, installation and sculpture at Tabacalera de Lavapies CSA. Madrid, Spain, 2014

– Life painting show and decorations at Ozora festival, Hungary. 2014

– Comissioned wall at Ortigueira´s Celtic Festival in Galicia, Spain. 2015

– Exhibition installation at Tabacalera de Lavapiés CSA. Madrid, Spain.  Comissioned by El Keller Street Art Studio. 2016

– Live painting and decorations at Salón del Cómic. Madrid, Spain. 2016

– Exhibition permanent mural. Servia, Novi-sad. Kota 47. Comissioned By Kota 47 Gallery and Social Club. 2016

– Comissioned wall administrating and painting at Benimaclet Confusión Festival. Valencia, Spain. 2015 – 2016

– Exhibition at Ama-gi Club, artistic and social association. Valencia, Spain. 2015

– Working at Fallas Valencia 2015 and 2016 as sculptor and painter. Valencia, Spain.

– Scenography and decorations, Esfumato S.A. 6 months. Valencia, Spain. 2016

– Residency, urban art project and sketch, Circle Social Space. Copenhaggen, Denmark at Norebro Area. 2016

– Comissioned mural. Project at Coppenhaggem, Norebro Market while I was in residency. 2016

– Exhibition at Cristiania´s Gallery in Copenhagge whit artist from Denmark. 2016

-Installation and ambiented exhibition at Ozm Art space Gallery. Hamburg, Germany. 2017

– Exhibition and wall, life -painting at Sankt Pauli Stadium, organissed by Vivaconagua and Millernthor Gallery. Germany. 2017

– Life painting and part of the gallery collective at Ozora Festival, Hungary. 2017

– Art exhibition, protecting Chinesse quarters from demolition, Novi-sad. 2017

– Wall painting project at social center in Belgrade Kvaka 22. 2017

-Residency art project at Culture Lab Sofia, Bulgaria. 2017

-City Fuck Gallery proyect, Non profit and art developement project for the community in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. 2017 -2018

– Several exhibitions at City Fuck Gallery project as curator and art manager. 2017 – 2018

– Residence and art proyect gallery, Track Gallery whit Fixinart. Thessaloniki. 2018

– Exhibition Gerbos Mad City Troughout at Tabacalera de Lavapiés. Comissioned by Espacio Contacto. Madrid, Spain. 2019

– Exhibition at Madrid Writers, graffiti shop and gallery. Madrid, Spain. 2019

OZM Gallery (Hamburg)

Toss Creative Space (Thessaloniki)

Truck Gallery

City fuck gallery

Museo del Siglo XXI

Writers Madrid