Mural Commissions

Hire creativity.

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  • Send me photos and measurements of the space or surface you want to paint, decorate. If you do not have a chosen design, I will help you prepare the designs according to your space and your needs.
  • I will calculate the needs of the work and then we will proceed when everything is agreed.
  • Depending on the surface and the conditions, wear or the lack of structure of the base, I will proceed to clean up and protect everything.
  • By having the mural or work done, we will apply different types of varnishes for better durability, both towards inclement weather, as well as possible accidents and vandalism. (Optional)


Call me for any questions you have.

(+34) 603209827 

Murals have been used since time immemorial to recreate and decorate our spaces, whether it is where we work or where we live, attending to our decorative, artistic human needs.

Nowadays they are also a decorative, artistic and advertising resource for the benefit of companies or individuals, but a well done mural not only attracts clients, but also provides health and well-being when the work is well done and adapts to people and their environment.

I love art, I love sharing it with all kinds of people and making them satisfied. That is why it is important for me to listen to my clients and find out what they want to feel when a project is finished.


Write your questions, your ideas and send your photos to:

También puedes llamar al  (+34) 603209827