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Mural painting, scenery & personal work.


Decorative and corporate murals for home and business.

Decorative and Commercial Murals

At Gerbos Art we are experts in muralism and decoration and we paint corporate, decorative and commercial murals for companies, offices, metal shutters, rooms, lounges, vehicles, bathrooms, swimming pools, facades, schools, gardens, theme parks ... And everything that you can imagine.

We also do trompe l'oeil, landscaping, integrations with the environment, murals with any theme, children's murals, 3d paintings, advertisements, signs...

We work with all pictorial styles and techniques, with more than 15 years of artistic experience, seriousness in work and passion for art and decoration.


  • Enjoy your spaces as you would only have dreamed of before.
  • Maintain your company with the image and personality it deserves.
  • The best tools and materials adapted to your needs.
  • Durability, professionalism, cleanliness and a lot of art.
  • We clean, paint and varnish on any type of surface.


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About me

Gerbos Mad City, was born in Madrid and has been a street artist since 2005.

He used to decorate shops and walls in Madrid and travel to other cities to leave his footprint.

In 2009 he went to London where and continued painting walls and canvas for three years. After this he continued to travel through Europe and the Balkans participating at artistic events and wall projects with associations and communities. The goal was always to create together and empower the underground culture and the self-sustainability.

Gerbos Mad City está formado como pintor y dibujante, diseñador y escenógrafo. Crea sus esculturas y escenografias, sus pinturas, murales o tatuajes con una amplia variedad de recursos adaptados, sobre todas las superficies y para todos los espacios y temáticas creativas.

Casi toda su obra personal  está hecha con materiales reutilizados, afín a su filosofía sobre el reciclaje, apoyando el Trash Art, no solo como una forma de arte, sino como una forma de vida.


Encargos y obra personal.


Encargos Mural



Mural (Obra personal)


Street Art


Commissions for murals, paintings, artistic projects...
Ask us and we will advise you personally.


Telephone: (+34) 603 209 827

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